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IV therapy is a versatile procedure that can improve various symptoms. At IV Recovery Vegas, we have a broad range of packages to alleviate the symptoms of everything from hangover recovery and minor illnesses to chronic medical conditions.


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Choose your required treatment from the below list and follow the instructions to get your swift treatment!


IV therapy
can rehydrate your
body fast

General nutrient deficiencies

Use any package filled with vitamins and minerals to energize the body and relieve pain.

Immune system support

Vitamin C boosts immune system function to help you avoid illness and recover faster. 

Workout recovery

Our IV packages rehydrate your body and energize your cells after strenuous exercise. 

Cold and flu symptoms

IV bags for colds and flu contain vitamins, minerals, and medications that relieve symptoms quickly. 

Food poisoning

IV therapy can attack the
pathogens causing you to
feel ill.

Energy & Focus

As needed, up to 1x per week is recommended. The dose may vary from person and is also factored upon by the condition and severity.

Hangover IV Drip

These IV therapy fluids are designed to enter and remain in the bloodstream, providing you with the immediate fluid deficit recovery you require.


As needed, up to once per week is recommended. For best results, repeat every other week while alternating with Glutathione IV.

Healthcare Facilities

Modern Tools

Using the latest and most excellent medical equipment to ensure safety!

Comfortable Place

Either visit us or get your treatment delivered and administered at your home!

Clean & Hygienic

Reliable formulations that our board of physicians has approved!

Modern Technology

State-of-the-art medical procedures and equipment implied only, no compromise on quality and quantity!

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Your Health

With a selection of signature IV therapies available, our clinic is the perfect place to escape the hustle of the strip and take a moment to relax and refresh. Our IV drips have been specially formulated to help relieve the symptoms of various ailments, including colds, flu, and hangovers.


What People Say

Hangover recovery is supposed to be swift and reliable. And reliable is what we are and do!

General Questions

Want to know more about the procedures and the reasons behind them? Here are some common queries from our clients:

IV Recovery Vegas hangover therapy is a medical treatment for hangover removal and specific boosters that can be received in the privacy of your own home or hotel room.

Yes, administering the drug via IV is the most effective manner of imparting therapeutic doses.

IV Recovery Vegas is one of Vegas’s earliest hangover recovery solutions providers.

Yes, your selected procedure IV dispatched to your residence as fast as the confirmation is received.