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Whether visiting Las Vegas on vacation or for business, you always want to feel great. But you can be down for the count if you are suffering from a hangover, an illness, jet lag, migraine, food poisoning, or another disease. That is where our hangover recovery comes in.

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Our restorative IV therapy can be delivered to you by IV Recovery Vegas. Our intravenous (IV) therapy packages can help you regain your feet with immune system support, hydration, and hangover relief. Please make an appointment with our Las Vegas location, and an RN will assist you with an IV package.

Hangover Recovery

Find quick relief from your hangover symptoms with this hangover IV therapy, which includes anti-nausea and anti-heartburn medications, detoxifying antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories, and a liter of fluids with added electrolytes for optimal hydration.


Healthcare Services

IV Therapy Vegas is a flexible technique that can alleviate various symptoms. We provide multiple packages at Mobile IV Medics to treat everything from minor ailments to long-term medical issues.


IV therapy
can rehydrate your
body fast

General nutrient deficiencies

Use any package filled with vitamins and minerals to energize the body and relieve pain.

Immune system support

Vitamin C boosts immune system function to help you avoid illness and recover faster. 

Workout recovery

Our IV packages rehydrate your body and energize your cells after strenuous exercise. 

Cold and flu symptoms

IV bags for colds and flu contain vitamins, minerals, and medications that relieve symptoms quickly. 

Food poisoning

IV therapy can attack the
pathogens causing you to
feel ill.

Energy & Focus

As needed, up to 1x per week is recommended. The dose may vary from person and is also factored upon by the condition and severity.

Hangover IV Drip

These IV therapy fluids are designed to enter and remain in the bloodstream, providing the immediate fluid deficit recovery you require.


As needed, up to once per week is recommended. For best results, repeat every other week while alternating with Glutathione IV.

Our IV Therapy Process

Getting urgent hangover recovery is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow the guide and we’ll have you covered in no time!

Select Treatment

Select the required IV treatment.

Book Appointment

Book your appointment with our representative and/or RTN.

We Come To You

We’ll dispatch your selected treatment plan as soon as we receive your confirmation.

Feel Better

Get it administered, and voila! Your hangover recovery is completed!

Why Choose Us

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Your Health.

With a selection of signature IV therapies available, our clinic is the perfect place to escape the hustle of the strip and take a moment to relax and refresh. Our IV drips have been specially formulated to help relieve the symptoms of various ailments, including colds, flu, and hangovers.


What People Say

Hangover recovery is supposed to be swift and reliable. And reliable is what we are and do!

Our Service Areas

Please contact us if you don’t see your city, but you see one that is close. Our service areas are flexible and vary based on Nurse availability.